Sacred, Church-sponsored prostitution? Yay or Nay?


Every now and then I stumble across a blog post that is simply a gem to read. All too often, it’s John Hobbins over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry. But since he may be a sometimes-reader, I’m not going to spend time flattering him.

Today’s super-amazing post comes from Evangel, where Rev. McCain found an excellent piece of satire in regards to the ELCA decision to bless homosexual coupling.

Without further adieu: Temple Prostitution: A Modest Proposal.


2 Responses to “Sacred, Church-sponsored prostitution? Yay or Nay?”

  1. Thanks for the link. I hadn’t seen that satiric essay before.

    I recall that someone said he feels sorry for Evangelical humorists today, because there’s almost nothing so outlandish that some “evangelical” church won’t try it.

  2. I can believe that, Jim. Very little is “too” crazy for being on fire for Jesus.

    Say, there’s something. What about self-immolation? That would be new. Or would Solomon bop me on the head for thinking there’s something new under the sun…?

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