Semiannual Update


I’ve all but given up blogging this year, it would seem. I got a job in December, you see. I was hired to be a sacker at a local grocery store that opened on January 11th. Ever since then, I’ve had little energy for blogging. Sort of anticlimactic to move to WordPress and then stop posting, huh? Sorry about that.

I have been promoted to overnight stocker. Tonight at 10 is my first shift. Honestly, it’s going to be challenging given that I already worked a five-day work week as a sacker. But, I’ll be given a consistent schedule, 50 cents more pay per hour, 8-hour shifts will be always the case rather than only “often”, and just more hours overall. 32 beats an average of 25, certainly.

I won’t be able to continue doing a Sunday School class if I continue working Saturday nights, I suspect. I will try and ask for at least every other Saturday night off.

In other news, my grandmother has decided to pitch in to help me buy a car. I just heard the news, and I’m overjoyed. I have saved over $2,000 from my minimum-wage job towards a car, plus my parents had a $2,300 rainy day fund set aside for me. But since my grandmother is going to pitch in for the rest as my inheritance from her, I am thrilled.

Also, there’s been some news about the Philippines. Although I never could acquire the funds to go in person, I have sent a few of my good spoons as prototypes for Filipino craftsmen to work on. I just found out the results today:

So, now Give a Goat has a parallel program called Wood for Food. What the people of the island of Cebu need, what these craftsmen need, is trade, not aid. A hand up, not a handout.

Salvador Cariaga, the founder of Give a Goat, would like to give me a share of the credit for this. But honestly, the idea was mostly his and so was its implementation. I gave prototypes, enthusiasm, and plenty of prayers.

Today is without a doubt one of the best days of my life. Hah. Let’s see what I think after my 10pm to 6 am shift, though!

5 Responses to “Semiannual Update”

  1. Congratulations on the spoon project and on the promotion at work. Often, our plans don’t work as we’d hoped, but the Lord can turn our disappointments into more fruit, as with the spoons.

    PS – May the Lord give you good sleep. May your body adjust quickly to the new schedule.

    • Thanks, Jim.

      I actually do at least as well, if not better, on this schedule. I’m somewhat nocturnal by nature anyways.

      Saturdays and Tuesdays are the rough days because we get large trucks of freight to unload. We’re understaffed. I’ve worked Saturday night, Monday, and Tuesday. So far, I’ve logged 7-1/2 hours of overtime. My paycheck is going to be amazing, though, I’m sure.

      The manager in charge of making the schedule, frustratingly, has been off and won’t be back until Thursday, the day before he makes the schedules. It may be another week before I can get Saturday nights off. But since those are hard nights, he might not allow it at all. Not sure what I’ll do if it comes to that. I hope it doesn’t,

      Last night the four of us had 1600 cases of products to unload. It took us 12 hours. But… God is good. And I’m glad to have a job.

  2. Found your blog. I wanted to offer some thoughts from my years.

    Don’t trade time you can spend in church/ministry for dead end secular work. It didn’t pay off for me when I did that. I chased the dollar and now I am in a position from that’s now all I can do.

    The communication and public speaking skill you will get from church will pay off later on. It doesn’t seem like it now, but it will. If you’ve put time into a theological education, don’t let it rust. Otherwise, it will rust and you’ll loose what you worked so hard for. Hope I made sense and didn’t scare you.

  3. Actually, I decided that the overnight stocking thing won’t do it for me. I may not be able to transfer back to my old job, but my old manager will give me a positively glowing reference, so I’m not too concerned.

    I intend to move up to Oklahoma for a while and consider where to go from here. I’m currently in Oklahoma on a ten-day vacation to sniff out some living arrangements and possible jobs.

    Road Rat, I understand exactly what you mean in all that you’ve said. I have this ache in me, a feeling of incompleteness. I doubt even getting my bachelor’s would fill that completely, but I will work towards it.

    I refuse to let myself get stuck in secular work to the point that I turn my back on the Gospel and put my hand on the plow. Honestly, I’m afraid of the financial burden of returning to college, probably somewhere other than Oklahoma Christian.

    My end goal is to be an effective leader and teacher of the Word, perhaps writing or translating on the side. The next step in that direction, I believe, is to find where to go to college and do whatever it takes to make it there.

    I hope to apply for next school year’s college grants on the FAFSA. Yet I wonder whether grant money will be reduced due to the dropping of the US’ credit rating.

    Lord, be my guide and light.

  4. Gary, if the Lord’s calling you to preach, then find somewhere (even under a tree) and preach. My own pastor got most of his education AFTER becoming a preacher. I think he’s currently finishing a Masters of Divinity. He’s past 40 years old, pastor of a church with perhaps 700 people on Sunday morning, and his expository sermons are heard on radio stations and are downloaded–1500 or more a week. By God’s grace, people’s lives are changing for the better. He is a vastly better scholar and better preacher than his professors, though I suspect that they helped him learn Hebrew. He’s getting the degree mostly to have the official paper.

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