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2 Cor 2:5-3:6


My co-teacher, Brandon, did a lesson on this section almost three weeks ago. I was out sick, unfortunately. I’m, obviously, behind in my blogging. We’ve been using 21st Century Christian’s Life Links to God study materials for this class. I personally give it no more than a cursory glance and prefer to let the text […]

This is the first text-unit covered in our 13-week class. I’m co-teaching with a friend on Sunday mornings, and I delivered this lesson on March 6th (along with the preliminaries). This post will be a bit more detailed, and I am using the NIV2011 courtesy of here. In class I used the CEB because […]

Sunday, the only people who showed up for our 9 am young adults class were me, the co-teacher I alternate with, and an older gentleman who wasn’t too thrilled with the study in his other group. This sort of turnout is not uncommon for young adults, sadly. There’s not much incentive to get up and […]