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A response to Michael Patton on Five Reasons I Reject the Doctrine of Transubstantiation. A good post, but I politely disagree with him. I respond to four of his points here — his fifth is outside of my field of experience, and so I won’t overreach. 1. Yes, Christ often spoke in metaphor and riddle. […]

So, I haven’t really used this blog in forever. I’ve been thinking of starting it up again. While running through my dummy email and clearing out the inbox, lo! A request for one of the worship songs I mentioned on another blog. In other news, it’s awesome that Daniel Streett is blogging again; I found […]

I haven’t written any notes in a while. Really, I’ve just been too busy working on things to find something to say that really needed to be said to so many people. But I’ve learned recently of a rather disturbing piece of legislation that needs to be addressed, I think.Have you heard of the National […]

In a blog post about whether ὑποτασσω (hypotasso) in Ephesians 5:21 means “submit”, “respect”, or something else, a commenter by the name of Sue made the point that she rejects women’s submission the same way she rejects slavery, given that both slavery and marriage are within Ephesians 5. I responded that I don’t think those […]

Every now and then I stumble across a blog post that is simply a gem to read. All too often, it’s John Hobbins over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry. But since he may be a sometimes-reader, I’m not going to spend time flattering him. Today’s super-amazing post comes from Evangel, where Rev. McCain found an excellent […]

I’ve never had an answer for that, although if a discussion of pacifism lasts for 15 minutes or more, one side or the other will bring up Hitler. It’s inevitable. I’d say that the proper response is the one the Holy Spirit led within Germany. In other words, the one that actually happened. Here is […]